Friday, February 5, 2016

Fan Fold Activity With My Daughter

Hi all
We are back with our new creation...Yes... We...
My Daughter and Me...
Its a Fan Fold Collage Activity..which I did with My daughter Akriti...She is now 23 months Old..

 We just simply pick some waste newspapers for Fan Fold.

 Small pieces of Newspaper
Yellow CS for base

We Fan Fold the pieces of newspaper and converted it in to the butterflies.

Look at her..she is trying to do some Fan Folding.

Now we took some Green CS, cut slits in to it and converted it in to the grass pattern.

We took some printed Designer paper and draw some circles on to it with the help of some lid of the bottle.
We cut these circles for our flower shapes.

Look at these pretty flowers which we created with the circle shapes.
Then I draw some stems and leaves to give these flowers a finished look.

Angled View.

Friday, January 29, 2016

Our Sunflower Creation

Hi all
 I am back with my new creation. You Make Me Smile.. 

 Base is White CS.
Layering is on  CASA Green CS and Ki Surprise Napkin PP  available in our store.

Sunflowers are hand drawn, hand cut and Layered.
Watering can is hand drawn and hand cut.
Butterflies are cut it out from some PP.

Sentiment is stamped on fabriano Elle Erre Cardstock/Textured Cardstock available in our store.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Painting With My Little daughter

Hi all
I am back with my another creation. Its Water Color Painting with my Little daughter.
My daughter name is Akriti. she is 22 months old. When she saw my painting basket first time which is full of colors and brushes I realize that she is eager to play with them.
I decided to start some painting with her just to check her interest. So I picked some waste newspaper just to start with her, some brushes and water colors and water container.

We started with Thumb painting.
We paint some thumb impressions with water colors.
Then we spread some yellow color at top part for sky and blue color at bottom part for water.

After drying of colors I gave some finishing touches to her painting.
I converted the thumb impressions into the little fishes. 
Made some waves.
She surprisingly look at me that what her mother is doing with her painting.

Look at my Little painter...she is busy in washing her brushes.

Close View of her Water Color Painting.

Finished look. 
I pasted Ivory sheet at the back of her creation to make it sturdy.
We are planning(My Hubby n Me) to frame her first creation...will share her framed creation too soon.

Thursday, December 31, 2015


"Write It On Your Heart
That Every day Is The Best Day In The Year"
------- Ralph Waldo Emerson



Monday, December 14, 2015

Merry Christmas...Our Faux Stitch Creation

Hi Folks

I am back with my another creation. Merry Christmas...

Base is White CS.
Layering is on White CS too.

Owl is Stamped and Layered with PPs.
Tree branch is hand cut and hand drawn.
Leaves are hand drawn.
Clouds are hand cut and hand drawn. 
Sentiment is stamped.

Now the most interesting part of this card is  Faux Stitch.
Yup Faux Stitch...its all created with the Tracing Wheel available in our store. 
Simply just dip ur wheel in acrylic colors and roll it on to ur paper for the Faux Stitch effect.
We can also inked the edges of the wheel by any ink pad or any distress ink before roll it on to a paper for the Colored Faux stitch effect. We can also give plain Faux stitch effect too without inking the wheel's edges. It also looks nice and cool too.
Faux Stitch looks awesome on any creation.

Here is the Tracing wheel which you can easily get it in our store-


More Focused View.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Just Because I Care

Hi Folks

I am back with my another creation. Just Because I Care... 

Base is White CS.
Layering is on White CS too.

Watering can is hand drawn and hand cut.
Leaves are hand drawn and Hand cut.
Flowers are cut it out from a colorful PP.
Tiny leaves are doodled.

Sentiment is stamped.

Focused View.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

To You From Me

Hi Folks
I am back with my another creation. To You From Me...

Base is White CS.
Layering is on White CS too.

Flowers and Vases are hand drawn and hand cut.

Sentiment is Stamped.

Angled View.