Thursday, April 21, 2016

Its Painting Time...Thumb and Finger Prints activity

Hi Folks
 We (My daughter and Me) are back with our another activity.
We are in a mood to do some painting this time.

 First I spread a newspaper on a table and give her a paint box, a brush and a water container.
I think newspaper is the best for doing painting with little kids. 

 She immediately picked a brush and applied colors on a newspaper. Yes I told her first how to pick brush and how to apply colors. She wish to do painting by her own without taking the help of her Mom.

Actually I wish to do some fingers and thumb painting with her but she like to play with colors and brush by her own.
It took me two days to convince her  but yes finally I took  thumb and finger prints of her and she enjoyed it too.

Now I converted her thumb and finger prints in to tiny doodlings.

Finally I cut doodlings in to small pieces and pasted it on a White Cardstock.
I like the Clean and Simple look of it.
Now its ready for framing too.

Monday, April 11, 2016

Welcome Little One

Hi Folks
I am back with my another creation this week. Welcome Little One..

 Base is White CS.
Layering is on White CS. 
PPs are from Ki Memories.

 Baby Elephant is hand drawn and hand cut.
Sentiment is stamped.

 Angled View.

Friday, March 25, 2016

Our Buttoned Creation

Hi all

I am back with my Buttoned creation this time. Just for You...

Base is white CS.
Layering is on White  CS too.
Blue BG is created with Water Colors on Texture White CS which looks like a canvas and is perfect for Water Coloring too..available in our store.

 Bicycle  is Hand drawn.
Wheels are created with Pie lane Buttons. 
Heart balloons are Punched.

Basket is hand cut filled with flowers.

Sentiment is stamped using Fiskars Simple Stick Rubber Stamp.
Light house is Hand cut.

I am entering this card in to the following Challenges-

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Our Love You Creation

Hi all
 I am back with my another creation. I Love You ...

 Base is Red CS.
Layering is on Pink CS.
Clouds are hand drawn and hand cut.
Butterflies are punched.

 Tree shape is filled with hearts.

 Couple silhouette is computer generated.
Garden Chair is hand drawn and hand cut on PP.
Light house is hand drawn and hand cut on PP.
Heart's balloons are punched.
Sentiment is Stamped.

 Flowers are cut it out from some PP.
Leaves are punched.
Green fields are hand drawn and hand cut from Fabriano CS available in our store.

 Angled View.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Under Water Scene in a Bottle...Kids Activity

Hi all
We are back(My daughter n Me) with our next activity..
Its a under water scene which we created in a bottle.
My daughter likes to play with water so I decided to do some fun activity which is related to water and Yes she enjoyed it a lot..
So here we go...

 Pick some blue color Water Bottle and fill it up with water. Do not fill it full with water..little bit more than half with water. If you don't have blue color bottle you can pick white color bottle too  and add some drops of blue color in a water too.
Colored stones.
Artificial Plastic Fishes.
Artificial Plastic flowers and leaves.

First we add some colored stones in a bottle.

 Playing with a bottle filled with colored stones. She liked it.

 Then we add some artificial plastic leaves and flowers.

At last we add some artificial plastic fishes which are so colorful and we are done with our fun activity which is so quick.
Now the fun part begins. 
Akriti likes to play with it..

Monday, February 15, 2016

Our Balloon Creation...Happy Valentine's Day

Hi all

I am back with my another creation.
Its Balloon Creation...Happy Valentine's Day

 Base is White CS.
Air Balloon is made with Pattern Papers.
Clouds are made with Pattern Paper.

Couples print is computer generated.
Hearts are Punched.

Sentiment is stamped.

Friday, February 5, 2016

Fan Fold Activity With My Daughter

Hi all
We are back with our new creation...Yes... We...
My Daughter and Me...
Its a Fan Fold Collage Activity..which I did with My daughter Akriti...She is now 23 months Old..

 We just simply pick some waste newspapers for Fan Fold.

 Small pieces of Newspaper
Yellow CS for base

We Fan Fold the pieces of newspaper and converted it in to the butterflies.

Look at her..she is trying to do some Fan Folding.

Now we took some Green CS, cut slits in to it and converted it in to the grass pattern.

We took some printed Designer paper and draw some circles on to it with the help of some lid of the bottle.
We cut these circles for our flower shapes.

Look at these pretty flowers which we created with the circle shapes.
Then I draw some stems and leaves to give these flowers a finished look.

Angled View.